Raise Grassroots Participation

Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village (aka Stakeholders SGV) is a community based organization for the purpose to raise grassroots participation!


Stakeholders SGV aims itself primarily on a basis of stakeholder principles, organizing ad hoc projects, discussions and community orientations. While each stakeholder has its own particular interest in a given project; our ethic is to cultivate everyone towards a shared and all-inclusive vision of the community.  Involved stakeholders can include those of various character: volunteers; public citizens and residents at large; individual or organizational program sponsors; local non-profit organizations; private businesses and trade; socio-cultural affiliations (or communities),  governmental representatives and bodies, etc.  Stakeholders SGV does not affiliate itself with political bodies, however.

Stakeholders SGV’s philosophy is an integral and holistic approach to imagination.  The plurality of stakeholders’ needs are at center of all considerations and decisions, as well as at the start of any action.  The principles that guide considerations are integral and holistic approaches to the disciplines and systems that govern our life: psychological; socio-cultural; natural (ecological and biological); physical (built and technological); economic; etc. etc.  The decision making process is always one of integrity, approaching issues with honesty; a review of all the fundamental principles; a commitment to ethics, standards and justice; as well as, ultimately, finding ways to improve the longevity of life and to live it out with quality.

Stakeholder SGV brings together people,  businesses and other organizations to work on projects and create strategies; that’s while simultaneously gathering and utilizing this collective knowledge and experience for a common process that benefits our community.


In any ad hoc project, Stakeholders SGV will seek to

  • Identify, recognize, acknowledge and, ultimately engage the various stakeholders, with an overriding commitment to raise grassroots participation;
  • Determine the quality and quantity of interest by each stockholder, as much as their influence, to ensure a democratic process;
  • Establish a forum and network of communication between stakeholders to develop a shared plan;
  • Assert, define and defend a position or policy, as reflected by our mission, purpose, philosophy and values.

Its our role to empower and inform each and every participatory member via various forms of communication; but also to raise, engage and develop membership from at large.  Whatever an individual stakeholder’s level of ability or interest, there must be accommodations made for various capacities of involvement.  It is the exercise of stakeholders to uphold the purpose and shared ethic of all participants, while also fostering responsible leadership that ensures sustainable growth in a caring, reliable and hopeful manner.


We shall raise a natural and spontaneous involvement within the general community,  differentiating ourselves from traditional power structures, as well as from those other organizations that are controlled by hidden, non-grassroots interest.   The voice of the body should never come off robotic or overly scripted, lacking imagination or individuality.  Our primary interest is to raise the most basic level of an activity or organization,  such as that which is for and by ordinary people.   All stakeholders in the community shall benefit from a square deal, which includes fair and balanced process.  The content of ideas and personal character matters more than the power and privilege of any one individual or stakeholder.  Grassroots membership shall be the primary body of representation.  Stakeholders are cultivated at the local level, including the participation of volunteers from the community.

As grassroots participants, our philosophy is to “think globallyact locally. ”  That is, to not only raise membership locally, but engage projects locally that are in keeping with a big picture worldview.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.”   When dressing any situation or project, a grassroots work ethic is employed that reflects a bootstrapping mentality, such as by accepting given or minimal resources at hand.  We can improve our position by our own efforts, using a “can do” attitude when looking at any scenario.

To raise the grassroots participation, our tactics include:

  • Hosting meetings on an informal basis;
  • Organizing larger gatherings, like town hall meetings and panel discussions, for in-depth analysis, understanding and interest;
  • Putting up posters for public outreach and information;
  • Engaging everyday residents in Main Street environments; as well as visiting door-to-door and face-to-face with inviduals and organizations;
  • Gathering information for projects, as well as signatures for petitions;
  • Writing formal position papers, encouraging letter-writing and emails by membership, plus phone-calls;
  • Sharing information via social media, websites, information booths or tables, etc;
  • Raising money from various stakeholders for project sponsorship and campaigns;
  • Demonstrating issues at large and speaking out;
  • Networking with various stakeholders to cooperate on various projects, ideas and opinions, in turn impacting media and government;
  • Creating engaging activities and projects in which individuals and groups can participate and take action;
  • Using online social networks to organize virtual communities.


For participation to be raised, it is essential that the opinion and influence of individual stakeholders remain democratic, as well as that public process and the nature of activities are transparent.  Fairness fosters greater interest, understanding, support (trust) and motivation to carry forward.  Having equal participation is also essential for critical analysis and successful outcomes.

Participation is representation.  An effort must be made to include powerless “have not” individuals, so as not to regard them instrumentally or as a cause, but empowering them as part of the grassroots to help themselves.

Therefore, the decision making process must be open, accessible and affirming; which is to say, it’s not only representative, but empowering and authoritative.

We invite you to become an active —participatory — stakeholder with the grassroots of our communities.   Six area of main interest are shared from this page and within the website.  Many of these areas cross over with one another, as well as into various other aspects programs, projects and that of life and living.

Join us!  Raise grass-roots participation!

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