Old Field House at Willow Street-Frank Bramhall Park finally gets a new roof

As of Monday 15 November 2016, repairs on the roof of the old field house finally began.  At the board meeting of Willow Glen Neighborhood Association on Thursday 10 November 2016, Dave Mitchell, park planner for San Jose Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Services (PRNS) made a presentation and stated that the new roof to the existing building will cost $30,000, contracted to California Roofing Company.

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The old field house was built circa 1954 with 2,800 sq ft of combined space for a service office, storage room, park office, restrooms, and a mechanical room.  It is situated at Willow Street and Glen Brook Avenue.

As of May and July 2016, Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village started advocating on issues in the park, therein asking about the poor conditions of the field house.  We supported the idea, along with many of the park area residents, that the city should maintain current facilities before it begins new projects.  On 15 July 2016, Dave Mitchell of PRNS stated “The roof on the existing building as you stated is in poor shape. Staff is aware of the roof condition. A work order is in the process of being submitted the Public Works Department to replace the roof during this fiscal year, which ends on June 30, 2017.”

Stakeholders SGV addressed the condition of the field house in a presentation to Willow Glen Neighborhood Association on Thursday 28 July 2016.  See pages 28 through 33 of the presentation here on the StakeholdersSGV.org website.

As of Thursday 17 November 2016, more than half of the new shingles had been placed atop the roof by late afternoon.   Look for another update by the weekend.

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