Earthquakes Soccer Invitation to WG Schools

Several students at our Willow Glen Neighborhood Schools will receive prize tickets to the soccer game — The San Jose Earthquakes versus Los Angeles FC at the San Jose Avaya Stadiumscheduled for June 9th, 2018 at 7:15 PM.
Participating schools include:

Willow Glen Elementary
River Glen School K-8
Ernesto Galarza & Hammer Montessori
Gardner Academy

The game tickets are courtesy of Stakeholders for Safe Green Village(SGV), purchased by the co-sponsorship of the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association(WGNA); Willow Glen Business Association(WGBA); and the Table Restaurant.

We also thank the Earthquakesfor their free giveaways, school assembly demonstrations, mascot appearances, etc.  Together, we have promoted Safe Routes to School, and community pride.  We invite you to enjoy “Willow Glen Neighborhood Night” with the Earthquakes!  And enjoy your end-of-year summer vacation!

If your family is gifted the tickets, this means that your child is one of ten students from your school who has received an invitation to appear at the game with one parent or responsible chaperone.  Each student and chaperone receives two tickets, extended to ten families or parties from your school.  Look for fellow students and family members in nearby seats.

PARTICIPANTS MUST COMPLETE ALL THE INFORMATIONAL REQUIREMENTS.  School staffers and Parent-Teacher associations have received forms at your school in a prior email and correspondence.  The name of each student (child) must be stated on this form including that child’s parent (or another responsible guardian) who will be in attendance for the duration of the visit to the stadium.  The staff from the SJ Earthquakes will contact the schools and families about their visit to the stadium.  Also feel free to call them.

We are open to any age level in the student body, as kids ages 4-8 will be given a Quakes school supply pack at the game since they are too young for the Center Circle Banner midfield experiences.

Avaya Stadium is locatedat 1123 Coleman Ave, San Jose, CA 95110.


For questions or help, please contact any of the following:

Mark Raney & Francis Lopez, San Jose Earthquakes, 408.556.7777, email or

Willow Glen Neighborhood Association,
David Zappelli, Stakeholders for Safe Green Village, at email





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