The original Position Papers issued by Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village primarily concern the Lincoln Ave road diet (lane reduction and bikeways) from the year 2009 to the present.  They are listed here with web page links to PDF documents.   Some of them currently direct to our old website, but the documents are in the process of being transferred.   The following position papers are listed on this page by:

Year, Month, Date ⎜ Subject ⎜ Addressed to  Excerpt or special note

2016, June 27

Subject: Lincoln Avenue Road Diet in the Willow Glen neighborhood of San Jose.
Addressed to: San Jose Mayor Liccardo and the Councilmembers; Jim Orbital, SJ DOT
Position: Confirming the support of the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet in Willow Glen.

As early as December 11, 2009, Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village (SGV) first proposed a “bicycle-pedestrian friendly Lincoln Avenue” to the City of San Jose.  That day, we issued our original Position Paper to Michael Brilliot of the Envision San José 2040 Task Force regarding the connectivity of bike lanes and trails that link Lincoln Avenue to the City of San Jose.

I am writing to you today, before your vote tomorrow at the City Council Meeting on 28 June 2016 (at San Jose City Hall) on Item 6.1: Lincoln Avenue Pilot Project Report.

Stakeholders SGV stands firm with the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet initiative and urges Mayor Liccardo and all the Councilmembers to support the recommendation that reads as follows: “Accept the Lincoln Avenue Pilot Project Report, and support the plan to pave and stripe Lincoln Avenue in the current pilot configuration, implement minor traffic signal improvements at the Minnesota/Lincoln intersection, and traffic calming improvements in adjacent neighborhoods.”

2015, March 6

Subject:   “Public Safety of Primary Schools 
 at the Lincoln Avenue Road Diet Test Zone 
Addressed to: Tim Mulcahy, Willow Glen Business Association; side note to San Jose ‘s (District 6) Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio.

There’s a few things that I would like to articulate about public safety around the areas of downtown Willow Glen’s two primary education schools; that’s with regards to street design and infrastructural improvements like curb extension (also known as bulb-outs).

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2014, December 21

SubjectLincoln Avenue Road Diet/Lane Reduction; Street Safety Improvement
; A Letter of Summary & Recommendations
Addressed to: Tim Mulcahy, Willow Glen Business Association.

This will summarize key points in conversation that we had yesterday…

…Lincoln Avenue Road Diet Working Group ( RDWG ) held two closed-door, non-public meetings as of November 21 and December 4, year 20014. These meetings were held privately — without community input — as referenced in the posted minutes, as seen here from WGBA:…

…Low cost recommendations improve safety and build wide-spread community support…

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2014, November 20

Subject: Road Diet Position Paper 20 Nov 2014
Addressed to: to the Willow Glen community, including the neighborhood residential and business district; San Jose City Council District 6; San Jose Department of Transportation (DOT); bicycle coalitions; SJPD, SJFD, Santa Clara County EMS and various stakeholders for public safety.

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Lincoln Avenue’s Road Diet/Lane Reduction project has been in the plans since at least year 2009; whereas, it has now taken on an alteration to its original plan, creating what can become a mass confusion at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue at Minnesota Avenue. That’s still yet to consider the opposite end of the strip at Willow Street and Lincoln Avenue. San Jose Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio’s recent change of plans, such as to make alterations to the pilot test for downtown Willow Glen’s “Road Diet” or “lane reduction,” seems to have good intentions, but it has many problems.

2010, November 14

Subject:  “Ordinance Establishing the Main Street Zoning Districts”
Addressed to: Laurel Prevetti and Carol Hamilton; as stated by Richard Zappelli, “Please postpone Main Streets submittal…We at the Willow Glen Neighborhood Association, and the ‘Stakeholders For A Safe Green Village’ would like to become an active part of this subject…”
Addressed to: Email pertaining to memorandum addressed to the San Jose Mayor and City Council
[Officially recorded by the City Clerk of San Jose, see pages 14-15].

[Excerpt] … “Presently WGNA has organized a coalition named ‘Stakeholders For A Safe Green Village’ and we would be very interested in participating in this discussion.  The Stakeholders are made .up of members of WG Neighborhood Assn, WG Business Association, two Elementary schools & their PTA~s,Burbank Del Monte NAC, Willow Glen Senior &Community Center, retailers,landlords,Silicon Valley Bicycle Coialition, and Save Our Trails, the Diabetis Association.We are all working together with a common goal and we would all like. to work with the City on Lincoln Avenue a San Jose Main Street. In addition WGNA and the Stakeholders had a ‘Safe Routes To School’ event on Lincoln Avenue, made up of students, parents, teachers, WGNA, WGBA members, the Vice Mayor Judy Churco, Councilperson Pierluigi, Assemblyperson Jim Beall and Hans Larson from SJ DOT, all of us trying to encourage students to have confidence and enjoy the benefits of walking to school on Lincoln Avenue-two Elementery schools are located within a one-third of a mile of each other, and all concerned about what is happening to our “Main Street.”

2009, December 11

Subject:  Bicycle-Pedestrian friendly Lincoln Ave.  Regarding: Connectivity: Bicycle lanes and bike trails linking Lincoln Avenue to the City Of San Jose.
Addressed to: Michael Brilliot & members of the Envision San Jose 2040 [General Plan] Task Force.

Also known a “Founding Paper” of Stakeholders for a Safe Green Village.
[Officially recorded by the City Clerk of San Jose, see two pages]

Connectivity of bicycle lanes in Willow Glen (WG) and MidTown along Lincoln Avenue are important if WG is going to be part of Economic growth in San Jose. Connecting Bike lanes through town is not always easy, but that should not an excuse in an area where the geographic and economic links are so close; as WG-MidTown and Downtown San Jose. Existing bicycle Lanes, bike trails need to be connected and new bike lanes added to complete this essential connectivity. We request that it be a high priority as WG and MidTown prepare for the next economic up-cycle.